Are you happy?

Saved By Grace

There might be days I feel like not writing simply because I don`t have a thought or a feeling. Something that pushes me to write. And I guess some might call me a fake blogger, and I am sorry to tell you that I have never been a blogger. The purpose as said before with the blogging is simply to share some thoughts that I have concerning, well everything. All from my everyday life in Norway to my deeper thoughts and feeling about various things and to nothing at all.

I love Sundays! My favourite day of the week. Some love Fridays or Saturdays, but me, no, I love Sundays! I love the feeling of going to church, hearing to talks, learn, be strengthen, have courage to face everyday life, sing hymns that make me happy, at peace and testify again and again that what I believe in is not crazy, is not wrong, is not what people say it is. It is what I know to be, and what Heavenly Father has told me to be, and that is my testimony.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know this, not because someone has told me, or has forced me to say this. I say this because it has been confirmed to me by the Holy Ghost. My heart knows it, my body feels it, my soul delights in the truth and my mind , well let me say it all makes sense. And knowing this makes me very happy. And if you are asking yourself this question; Can I truly be happy? I will let you in a little secret that is not a secret at at all. Yes, you can truly be happy, follow Christ and you will not fail.

I am not a perfect example, oh no. I am far from perfect, and I am very imperfect in so many countless ways. But know this, I keep trying, and trying, even if I fall, I get up again and I try harder. Because I know that if I continue, I will eventually succeed, but not in this lifetime, no, my perfection will come in the next. In the meantime, I can`t sit around and wait, I will have to work and earn it. Remember, nothing comes free in life.

I have had this one song on my mind since Friday, and I can`t seem to shake it off. Grace by David Tolk. Great instrumental music. Very inspiring! Of cause I won`t be able to share lyrics with you today since there is none in the song. But don`t hesitate, I think you will be as surprised as to how much you will love it. I know I was. And if you like Grace by Tolk, you sure will enjoy Noctune by Secret Garden as well. It contains very little words, down to almost nothing, but still very very beautiful composed. As listening to Grace by Tolk, it got me thinking a lot about Jesus Christ and how He suffered for our sins, so we might have an equal opportunity to come back to our Heavenly Father.

Grace, a tremendous free gift given by Heavenly Father, performed by Jesus Christ and given to humanity because of the Love Heavenly Father has for his children and the desire He has for each and every one of us to succeed on our path home.I am happy to know how much me, you and all of us are loved. That brings me happiness, true happiness that does not come from money, human, or any worldly things, but comes from Heavenly Father. I have found it, and you can too. I opened my heart and started listening! 😉


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