The world we live in today.

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I was back on a long visit in Oslo, to visit my sick mum, and I was lucky and got some time off to visit some friends of mine and just catch up. We ended up talking about people, people we know, people just we love, cherish, trust and people that we look up to. By then it hit me. The world, how cruel it can be, that even the people that stands closest to you can actually be your enemy. This kinda of shocked me, even though I kinda knew this a long time a ago. We continued chatting and the conversation continued on how you think you know and trust a friend or a your loved one, and they eventually turns out to be something else. The last thing you ever could have imagined.

Before I write further I should tell a little bit about my self, and the rest will make sense.

I am a girl, studying and living in Norway. I love life. I believe in God, a Christian of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known to some as Mormons. I love the Gospel and I love living it too.

Ok, then back to today`s topic. I try my best reading my Scriptures daily because I know how much they help me throughout the day and in total my week gets lighter. In the Scriptures you can read that trust no man in flesh, but only God. My mind went around this sentence for days, untill I had a chat with my friend and it hit me, oh how sad it is to know that you cannot trust anyone, because people do let you down. A lot of times they disappoint you. Your image of them changes, and suddenly without even knowing it, the trust is gone too. It is sad to know that the world we live in today is living on the principle of “survival of the fitness”.

On my way home, after finishing my nice talk to my friend, I stumbled on a song. Lovers without love by Joshua James. The song went through my heart, and I ended up listening to it over and over again, because it reassured me again and again of what worried me earlier. Some of what is said in the song is;

i see so much my visions blurry,
in the world i live
if we’re to change them we must hurry,
the devil’s moving in.
love and hate can not see colors,
like the human eyes,

Truth to be told, this is the world we have created, the world we are living in. The world not every one wants to admit  is slowly killing one another. There is no longer love, there is no longer colour, there is no longer trust. And I wonder to my self, what would the world look like if every one loved like Christ loved, the pure love of Christ, the kind off love that never fails? What about charity, what about caring about each other?Would there be more colour, more laughter, more smiles? True happiness? True friendship? Real caring?

I believe we are all children of our Heavenly Father who loves us all so much, let us love him back too by loving each other, even though that means it to be your parents, your sisters and brothers, your friends, your neighbour, your dog/cat, your class/work mate, your boss, a stranger, and in the proses, don`t forget your self too! 🙂 Go out, and love!


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