A new chapter

I was thinking a lot lately about starting a new and serious blog, well, let me call it refreshing up my life and starting a new. I don`t know quite yet how I am going to write, ait can be everything from everyday to once a week. I guess that will fit me. Or else I will be doing it all on force.

The reason to why I started a new is because I happened to stumble over this new program I updatet on my computer (Windows Live Writer). I was not sure what it was all about and so I clicked (as I alwasys do) my way to the easier life. I just write in a Windows looke-a-like page and I click publish, and automatically it will be published here, on my wordpress site Smilefjes med åpen munn yey!

I stated starting a new, cause I actually have a blogg site, but I have`nt had it for a long time, actually I started with it in october, and oh my, in the end of october I have found yet another one. And who though I was not put up to this. Maybe this way it will help me to viea things differently, get closer to myself, and really find out what is my place on earth, but also where I want to my place on earth to be.

I love talking, and I can talk and talk untill, well, let`s say untill I have all those around me sleeping, and I am still talking, and after a while, to my shock, I see everyone has passed out. Since I like talking, I LOVE discovering. Discover a person, a place, a friendship and maybe something further, discover an answer to my question. Well, simply to put it, discover you. Whoever you might be. Either a person or a thing or just you. It is sometimes scary (for me, because I get lost in the person or the thing so easily. Kinda funny don`t you think.

In a student life I get to discover a lot, and learn a lot that sometimes nothing sticks in my head, it just well, goes in and out in a second. I Love studying, I am not a geek or a nerd, I just love being a student, learning new stuff or even proving the existing stuff that I knew from before. Love to meet up with friends and read together, learn togethwhat u believe iner, and hang out. Hehe. Oh yeah, and the fact that the Kanteen is far more expencive, make homemade lunch packages and eat together at school. Now, you might think I don`t know what a social life mean, but for me, school is place (my view) I grow the most too. And I can take it all and apply it to my life today, tomorrow and my my future in 10/20 years ahead or even more. I don`t know, I might be wrong, but I don`t want to right all the time either. Then I will never learn anything.

I better get back to my studies. I am at school, studying for my upcoming exams.

Chao! Smilefjes som rekker tunge



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