Beautiful Silence..

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Recently I have been wanting to be on my own. The silence somehow gives me peace, and for a weird reason I become happy. I start thinking about what I have in life and how I want to treasure it all. And also how sometimes it is hard to show everyone what they mean to you or even that you can be too late to let them know how much you appreciate them and love them.

How come we never have enough time? how come some days, weeks, months and years pass us by so fast? I feel as if it was yesterday I graduated from High School. Now I find myself a student already “pushed” out there in the big world.

The silence, the beautiful silence. I don`t mean to shut anyone down, but in that beautiful silence I can be myself, I can hear a thousand words, even when nothing is being said, beautiful words. I can catch my breath and look where I am heading, and what to do next. In that silence I can reflect on my life, my blessings, my faith and where I want to be tomorrow, that will bring me to where I would love to be next year and whom I want to become in 5 years.

There is a song. Yes, in my life I have a lot of songs, and I know at times it can be a little difficult to have time to listen to all, but whenever you have time to spare, please do. 🙂 The song that have occupied my mind is called Beautiful Silence by Yohanna. Of cause, again I would love to share some lyrics with you;

Behind your eyes I’ve found my home
Somewhere I belong
A shelter from the storm
This is like the whole new world

And that is how I feel. Safe and sound. The silence gives me a shelter form everything that I find sad in life. And whenever I feel like I don`t have time, I silence and listen to the world stress, and I think twice and realize, I do have enough time. The only problem is that I am drowning in the world if I don`t take a minute to breath.

Try it out! 😉 Enjoy A moment of Beautiful Silence.

But I still do love the noises, they wake me up to life and I feel alive again :]]


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