Broken people

Woke up this morning, with mixed feelings, happy, tired, sleepy, excited and ready to do what I had already planned from yesterday. As you see I am still glued to the computer as we speak. I wonder why that sometimes happens? Are we slowly putting our lives on hold for the sake of machines? Is checking up on Facebook or Twitter far more important than to do something useful? Are we living our lives based on how many request or notifications we receive per day? We no longer want to go out, meet our friends and hang out like in the old days, no phone calls, no letters, no sudden visits? Has internett consumed our lives?

Of cause writing this does not mean that my life is perfect, that I can answer yes to all the questions above. This is just a thought. For some they might agree with me, and for others, well, let us just say people are different also in opinions too.

Back to today. I am a music lover. I love music, everything from blues, jazz, instrumental to rock and punk rock. I love exploring music, lyrics and it can be in Albanian, or Swahili or even Chinese. I hate being restricted to only one type of language when listening to music. Some may say, why listen to something you don`t understand? well let me tell you this, sometimes everything in this world is not about understanding, but it is also about feeling. Sometimes we feel before we know or act. A lot of lyrics that I listened to this morning were most about the world, it`s cruelty, and one that touched me the most was a song from Linkin Park `s newest CD called A Thousand Suns. The Catalyst is beautifully written and I would love to share some of what I found;

God bless us everyone
We’re a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can’t be outfoght
It can’t be outdone
It can’t out matched
It can’t be outrun

The circumstances are getting worse, even for what the governments worldwide are trying their best to help. So you ask your self, what really is going on, and where is that broken link that needs fixing? Why are we still stuck, trying to fix the same problem? Why bother? Why keep trying? Maybe it is easier to give up?

Then let me share something with you! Internett, Machines and all that “wonderfull”technology should not rule your life. You can change, we all can. And make choices regarding ourselves. Don`t live based on others and the “it”-company. I believe there is a reason for everything. Internett should be a helper, not a directer. And why other people still surfer? It is the ying yang, and these two forces need to exist in order to have  a balance. You might think I am crazy and I don`t care by stating this, but I do. What I am trying to imply here is that without bad things, sorrows, we will never know of happiness, we won`t realize how lucky we are, and we wouldn`t have seen our blessings. That we do have all that we need and for some maybe more. We shouldn`t give up and stop trying helping. We should continue, because every little thing helps, even though it is a prayer, it helps. I just want you all to also remember your blessings and have a desire  to share them. And even though it might look the same, or meaningless, know that Heavenly Father knows, and He knows that you know and you know that you know.

Be content, and always hope for the better, even though it might be too dark at times! 🙂


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