the little things

I`ve had this song in my head, and I am totally inlove with it. It is by Bruno Mars, called Talking to the Moon. It is soo beautiful, not only the lyrics but also the melody. I have had this song on my head throughout the whole day. and wow, can`t shake it. I recommend you to hear it one time. I will share some of the lyrics with you 😉

I’m feeling like I’m famous
The talk of the town
They say
I’ve gone mad
I’ve gone mad
But they don’t know
what I know

I have this thought in my head “It is the little things that actually makes me happy”. And I have smiled and giggled about that, because it is so true! So true down to the point that it is funny. I find happiness by hanging out with my family, talking with my mum, hanging out with friends, serving others and just helping out, reading my scriptures and just taking a minute or two to smile randomly. And of cause, music makes me happy 🙂

Those small things, those small simple things, in my eyes they are great. They are huge. I had a conversation with a friend of mine. We talked about a lot of stuff, life in general and to just weird stuff we have noticed in our lives. It was nice, and I aprreciated the time. It taught me how we sometimes forget to treasure those little moments we are blessed with, that we sometimes ignore or can`t see. And why is that? Oh yes, in my life, I am sometimes too occupied with going ahead that I forget looking what is on my way. Funny huh? I think we sometimes get occupied with our dreams and what other poeple`s  opinion and search about us, that we forget to see the little miacles happening around us.  I`m not saying that dreams are bad to have, by all means, do dream, and dream big, but are your dreams only to benefit yourself?

I feel blessed to have moments like today, to stop and see the little things, the ones that makes me happy and the love they have for me and for eachother 🙂 I hope you do too.

Barby :]]


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