Around the corner..

SO you say that you are not lucky, let me tell you something, we all are, but then again maybe we don`t see how that can be. I don`t intend to give you a perfect answer to how we can recognize that happiness, I just want you to know how I find me, sometimes very obvious and other times, when I have to search for it. Some say luck is not for everyone and that not everyone deserve it. But again, who am I (we) to judge.

Life sometimes can be so surprising, and at times it can sneak onto you. Life, little sneaky thingy. At times we like it, and at time, man, it is so annoying. Lately there has been surprises in my life, and maybe too many of them, even at times too soon. I have come to found out things that are less pleasing in my mind, and heart, and things that have been there the whole time, but for the first time I could really appreciate them. Just being the surprise at the right time, in the right place.

Life sometimes is odd, but maybe that is why I keep on going daily, to avoid meeting the same plot again and again. Just think about it, if you had the exact same weight, age, friends and so on.. wow.. I wouldn`t call it a life, I would call it.. let`s see.. boredom!

Of cause I will include a song, by Shontelle calle Perfect Nightmare. The song is actually about love. She sings about how it is hard to let that love for that curtain boy go. But I still am convinced that some of the text in the song fits what I wanted to share with you.  It is been said that a story always contains two sides. I can`t tell, but I really hope it does this time for me. Can`t share this one, sorry. But let me ask you this, do you find it easy to look at the other side of the story?


Sometimes I should
But sometimes I don’t
Build up the strength to
Say that it’s wrong
Sometimes I hate
Sometimes I love
Sometimes I hurt
Sometimes I don’t
Sometimes I wait

I personally find it hard at times.. to look at the other side of the story. Why? Maybe you know..

And this is where my luck comes in. I am so lucky I have good friends around the corner, to pick me up when hardships comes, when I am frustrated, to talk me out of a seems-to-be a difficult situation etc.. I am lucky we are friends at all 🙂 I am lucky to have a family and super lucky to be me, even though me comes with problems, hardships and so on, but wow, believe me, I am happy to be Barbara 🙂 And FYI (for your information), I am not a stuck up person, I just love my life.

Be you too, and love it,  it might surprise you what you find around the corner!

Barby :]]


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