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I know you are probably thinking, yaiks, yet another lovy duffy clishè blog talking about love and how important that is.. Well, I really hope you are not feeling like this, and maybe my post will amuse you somehow 😉

A year ago I was living in England, and I somehow stumbled over a site. Of cause, talking about love. At that time I was in a relationship, and so as some might say; I was floating in the skies. Back to my point, a very good friend of mine posted the site on my facebook wall. I am so grateful she did, because even though I had read it all before, I still managed to learn something new once again! This site got me realizing how fun love can be, even in the times when it hurts. Love can really surprise you, in a good way, and in a bad way. But remember this as you are reading, love does not only have to come from a intimate relationship, it can come from a friendship, a parent, a family member, a distant friend, and yes, even from a sms. As simple as love comes into out lives, as easily it can also disappear.

Even though Valentine has passed, I hope you find courage to treasure the love you poses now, yes right this very moment.

On the contrary, I hope you had an AMAZING Valentine`s day and I still believe this year will be a magic one 🙂

In the mean time: Enjoy the website! 😀 and have a SPLENDID weekend!,0


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