Loyalty for a lion is for a lifetime…

What does this really mean? I was reading through my horoscope at work today and this sentence, for some weird reason, just struck out to me. It was the way I read the sentence. The warmth I felt. The surprise my eyes revealed and the truth I knew all along that came on the surface again. Truth to be told, I have always treasured the friendships I have been so blessed as to have throughout mylife, but I never noticed what I gave my family and friends, loyalty. Not saying that I am the mos thonest person in the world or anything, believe me, even though I don`t like lying, I am only human and unfortunately I lie too. Sometimes we humans do it to protect the ones we love because the truth might hurt them more than we could imagine. Huh, and it is still written that the truth will set you free. I really do believe it does, even when it hurts.

Deep down, I am a lioness. Really! I bite too. Lioness. Lifetime. Does anyone understand what that means? A lifetime? It is from I am born, till I die. That is the time I am born till I die. But what about after I die? Don`t I get to keep my loyalty to my family and friends then? I dislike the fact that then I can throw away my lifelong loyalty after a lifetime. Rubbish. I would love to keep it forever. I believe in forever s and I`m not about to stop in the nearest future. Is this too cheesy as well?

I kinda feel like I`m doing a therapy for myself right now, but hey, who is a better shrink than my brain? 😉

Couple times in my life I have been asked why I smile most of the times? I dislike faking a smile, and I`m really bad at it too. It might have been because we lioness enjoy the attention we get, and the feeling of having the world under your feet. Or maybe it is the feeling of being a Queen or treated as one? If you ask me, I smile because I just am awesome (no kidding) and fyi I am not a self centered person. I just feel awesome. I do have bad days too, but luckily the good ones oversee the less bad. Loyalty. I like it because honesty comes along with it too, and how I treasure the truth. Especially the truth I have found about the meaning of life. Dare to ask me and I will dare to answer. If ever a lion is hungry, it will haunt and find food. I guess that is the description that would fit my hunger for the truth in this world. Yes, I am a curious person, and thus I remember; “The truth will set you free”. Too cheesy again? Yes, but true? Yes.


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