And so it happened…

During my last entry, I`ve been busy with school, work, family and friends and believe or not, love too. My mood has been upbeat, and smiling has been my breakfast every morning.  These  past weeks I`ve almost not seen the sun, it has been cloudy or rainy or both. Even though I kept smiling because life was and still is great!

Starting school again has been amazing, plus I`m a person that loves studying. I have loved seeing all my friends that are back from their vacation and we did have a lot to catch up. It has involved laughter and surprises, getting together and enjoying ourselves. No shopping included though, but that`s ok, because we have had a blast. Great people! I honestly feel so blessed to have them in my life.

The subjects I have at school this semester, I just can`t wait to get really into it. I do have accounting as well, but it is so much fun and for the first time, it all make sense whenever I`m in the class. It never did before, so I`m so happy I understand. I don`t understand it all, but a lot of it, and that is more than enough for me.

I got the greatest opportunity to continue my job, because I was only supposed to work during the summer vacation, but I was one of the chosen to continue if I wanted to. I was and still am so happy over the good news delivered to me, and I was not expecting it all. Heavenly Father really does bless you when you pray sincerely. Work beside school sounds stressing, but when it comes to my job, it`s all fitting. I get time for both and also time for other things =) Being employed at the Norwegian Railways, I can only see benefits to it! I want to call it a golden job, because it is one of the jobs you come and don`t want to leave. It`s not my dream job, because up till today, I still haven`t made up my mind about what is my dream job. So come what may I guess.

Family is just so awesome! I love my family so much, and things looks brighter by day for each family member as the days go by. My family, as some of you know is far from ordinary. We have our way of being, we laugh loud, talk loud, dance without being embarrassed, we eat a lot and we love talking a lot. Seriously, the talking part can go on forever. Basically, what I`m trying to say, there is NEVER a boring moment with the family =)

Last but not least. I guess you are curious about the love I mentioned in the beginning. Well, as many already know, I`m currently in a complicated relationship with an awesome guy. You all wonder, why the heck complicated when it`s with an awesome guy? The answer to that question is; Why make things easy when you can have fun while making them complicated? And for those who know me, I`m very complicated myself, I mean just look at how I write. Some things don`t even make sense to you probably. While to me, they make perfectly sense. I like things that are a little out of the ordinary. And so it happened, and so now I`m in a complicated relationship with an uncomplicated awesome guy.




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