So guess what!? I got in to the school I so so so wanted. For my study abroad (1 Semester).

I am sooo excited!! I want to dance, jump, scream, write, talk and did I say dance?!!!  I`m sooo happy! This feeiling I only get when I wish for something, I pray about it and I hope for it, and most important I wait in patience for it 😀 AAAAH Life is GREAT! 😀

All I can say is THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER for hearing my Prayers!! 😀 😀

Peru, Lima: Destination 2012 😀  (see picture below for where I will be spending 7Months of my life)

The next months will include planning and packing! Yaaaay!

Have a GREAT weekend, I know I will 😀


Barby :]]


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