Why Peru!?

Recently I have had questions as to why the heck I chose going to school in Peru, Lima? Some of you did not even know I had planned to study abroad. Some are just confused of how many times I will travel to different places, and for how long a period that part of my life will be. Some are happy and some surprised, I don`t blame you. Information gets out eventually anyway 🙂

As some of you know, when you are studying in Universities or University College, you get an opportunity to choose if you want to take one semester of your study abroad, or you can do all of it at your study place. Mine being Lillehammer University College. I love my little town, but I have bigger dreams and fortunately my University College has given me this great opportunity for abroad studies. How can I turn down the offer? One of my dreams have been learning Spanish, speaking it fluently, and thus this dream will come true! I love languages, and if I had an opportunity to, I would learn as many as possible, hopefully my brain will be able to remember them all :p

Now some of might say why couldn`t you just take a semester in Spain? Good question. I live in Norway, in Europe and Spain is in Europe. I wanted a change, a total change from what I`m used to. Living in Norway gives me TONS of opportunities to travel to Spain anytime, hence I can do a weekend trip to Spain and I believe it will not be exactly the same experience. No offence, for those that have or are going or want to go to Spain for a semester abroad, DO IT! Peru is far far far far away from Norway. We are talking about a new climate and people, language, culture, country and of cause a new CONTINENT! Oh my gosh! Just talking about it, makes my eyes widened and my imagination is running wild :p

Another reason I chose Lima, Peru, was because I wanted to do something not everybody does. A huge sum of my classmates chose Hawaii or Australia, but for me I felt that I wanted something unusual. Something different, something weird, something I could really experiment on and have a different story. Probably like my unusual personality and my weird way of thinking and doing things.

I know I will meet a lot of shocking things, and probably a lot of weird stuff, but I also know I will meet a beautiful country, awesome people, great culture and its history as well!

There is so much in life I love, and the more I pursue my dreams, the more I see life and the beauty of it, hence the more I love it too. The semester I will spend in Peru, I believe it will bring me a LOT of experiences and I will try to share some with you.

I encourage you with a dream, DARE to have a dream, WISH and HOPE for that someday it will be a reality, DO it and get the experience! For you that already is pursuing your dreams, good luck on the road! For you who have yet not found your dreams, I encourage you to do so. Find something you would love to do or be and DO or BE it!  Just don`t forget to have fun along the road!

Dreams Don`t Turn To Dust! 🙂

Barby :]]   xxxxxx


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