Free at last!!

christmas 2007

Soon Christmas..

Finally free from school and exams! This feeling is amazing, and actually more amazing because my trip overseas is closer now than it was earlier!

There are so ma

ny things I need to get done before the actual travel, and the next days before christmas holiday I will be e-mailing a looot.

During my time overseas I will be blogging more, and I will add photos to my blog too (I know a lot of people will be happy for that).

My tickets to Utah are purchased and from there on I will be going to Buenos Aires for my language course and fnally end up in Lima.

This last days before and after Christmas will be spend planning and packing and giving lots and lots of hugs (I don`t care if you don`t want one, you will get one anyways)!

For those who asked, of cause I will miss home, Norway, Scandinavia and Europe, but I also need to get to know USA and South America.. so heeeeellloooo adventures! 😀

Brand New Day by Ryan Star! Enjoy 🙂

Barby [xoxo]



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