Sometimes all we need to hear in times of hardships are the words: I love you. I have had two difficult weeks, be it exams or work, planning and packing, e-mailing and phone calls, good news and bad news and honestly it has felt as if it has been ongoing non-stop. My energy has dropped and I have had days with almost no sleep, days with too much sleep, days with too much to do and days with nothing to do.

In the beginning of this year, I received an e-mail from a former sister missionary who served her mission in Norway. Her name is Sister Emery. She wrote to me a long e-mail and why I postponed reading the letter then, I don`t know, but I now I do. I needed those words; I love you. I needed those words at this very moment. As I was reading the e-mail today, I felt joy and care. I would like to share some of what Sister Emery wrote to me on 7th of February 2011;

                Do we believe in God? Do we believe that He exists? Do we believe that He loves us, and knows what will make us happiest eternally?  — just as our parents don’t just give us everything WE want when we are young and not so understanding, our Father in Heaven is the same, he won’t just hand over to us what WE want, but it takes time and energy to find out what he wants for us and allow him to form our lives into something much greater than we could do for ourselves. 🙂 We just have to work hard to pray and receive that guidance.

As I was reading this phrase I was reminded of the Christmas Spirit, the joy it brings and the love it brings too. Our Heavenly Father truly do love us, and He cannot gives us all what we want, unless we can understand, I mean, really understand what we are receiving. 

Another thing Sister Emery wrote to me, cheered me up and it goes;

                The scriptures talk about how even when the mountains are removed, our covenants and promises with God will remain intact. Some days it may seem we can’t see past tomorrow what is going to happen to us in the future, well why not get down on our knees, put our trust in God, and allow Him who sees all and loves us perfectly to guide our lives to greatness and joy beyond imagine.

I have heard and experienced from many different people and believes in my life, and concluded that knowing what tomorrow holds is a mystery, but acting today to change tomorrow is possible. Through our travels in life, I know Heavenly Father will guide us. I also know that He has been guiding us from the beginning, be it choosing what school to attend, what to study or even where to live and with whom to live with.

Salanghae is Korean and means I love you. Christmas is giving of ourselves to other, it is the time of the year to reflect over our lives and give thanks that we made it through the year. It is a time for gifts, and the greatest gifts we have been given is Christ. It is a time to shower our loved ones with care and joy. So enjoy this Christmas and remember to say I love you.

Barby [xoxo]


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