Berlin with style..

Our trip has ended, sadly. It has been legen…(wait for it)…dary!!

First day, we spent lots of time getting to know places, where we were going and what to explore in Berlin. When we first arrived at the airport, we went to the travel help counter. We were so proud of ourselves for finding it and we were sure someone would be of help. We stepped in the line and waited for our turn, and when it was our turn, the man behind the counter tried his best to speak English in favor for helping us out. As soon as we started asking more questions, he shut down on English and started speaking German. Norah and I started to fear for our lives, because we were at the airport, but even that guy was not speaking English. Since he was not of any help after all, we had to ask around for someone who spoke English. Our first impression was not good, not good at all. The airport is a place where many people travel international, and I expects at least that the airport employees somewhat speaks English aka the “international” language.

Yup! We found this X-mas tree and it was HUGE!

BUT Berlin has more to offer, luckily! Along the way we found people who spoke English and that helped us finding our way to the hotel, sightseeing, shopping malls, and FOOOOOOOOD aka restaurants. 😀

I found my BARBARA! with a wrong last name 😮 Next time…

We stayed at the Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte am Checkpoint Charlies. A 4 star hotel, and we all got our own room with a double bed Yaay! A very pleasant hotel to stay at, really recommended.

Hotel Berlin, the double bed!

We ate at a Singapore restaurant (very yummy food, recommended), and Anna Bartsch joined us to an Indian restaurant (the Nan bread was yummy and the rest of the food was heaven). We also ate fast food just for the experience, fish, soup, ice cream, pizza, kebab, smoothies and non alcoholic cocktails. We surely made sure to not miss out on anything. Anna and I, we visited a Turkish fast food restaurant and ate Shwarma in German style. This Shwarma, with meat, veggies and bread, was quite tasty. Quite tastey indeed.


We went shopping at Europas biggest shopping mall, Alexa!! If you have not been there, you should go, we spent HOURS there. We also did shopping at Galleria shopping mall (very expensive stuff, if you got cash, this mall will suit you well). We also visited other small shopping places.

Norah at the shopping street aka Postadam Platz

We did sightseeing as well, and went to my favorite attraction, the TV-tower aka 360 degrees. You could see the Berlin so well from the tower. It was all worth the 10€ spent! Another attraction we enjoyed was the Berlin Wall. It was quite small than what we had expected, but it was still not a disappointment at all! We got to take some pictures and it was frustrating to have to limit the number of pictures because I forgot my charger (bl¤#&%¤). Yes, we checked out the Zoo as well!! Norah didn`t stop there though, she explored the aquarium as well. Norah is much tougher than me. I chickened out on the whole thing (but took at least a picture outside the zoo). The thought of seeing a live snake freaks me out! Thus I went and met up with Anna and hang out. I was blown away over how many creative people are out there. I`m grateful for that.

Yummy Hot Chocolate @ Ritter Sport

One last thing that also was a BIG disappointment was the club Tresor.Light. It was written on the internet that there were no drinks or smoking permitted, “all you need is dance, dance”. To our surprise, it was quite the opposite! We were so disappointed that we were forced to leave the place about half an hour after our arrival. Plus, the music was too techno for our taste.

Yummy chocolate, I got so happy when Anna showed us the place. Plus I was in Chocolate heaven!! 🙂

The more we got around, the easier it got finding where to go, what to do and what to see. Too bad we went a week before the Fashion Week, I would have loved to stay longer, but there are more adventures that awaits me. All in all, Berlin amazed us and I am definitely going back for the second time. There were so much more I wanted to explore, enjoy and find. Since my time was limited, I will have to go back for more! This has truly been an adventure!

Barby [xoxo]


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