Koselig in Provo!!

I now understand WHY most people in Provo have cars. The place is huuuge, it`s very spacey and wide. Plus, public transport is horrible, and thus it all makes it difficult getting around. At the same time, if you truly have lots of energy, you can walk! 😀 I walked to BYU (took me 15min give or take) and I loved it! I got to enjoy scenery and during my wondering around I found an LDS church!! So stocked (!!), but then when I told others about my findings, I got a laugh (hehe) because there are plenty of LDS churches in Provo, in walking distance. Still, I`m stocked about my findings! 😀

My 1st LDS church found in Provo!

Tuesday was a neat day! I got to explore BYU campus, it is HUUUGE! I walked around for hours, taking pictures of EVERYTHING, just being a tourist. Smiling plenty because the sun was shining 😀 I found my favorite place, the BYU library! Oh my word, there is no better place sitting and reading, enjoying people walking by and enjoying the spirit the atmosphere brings. I loved it so much that I`m heading back today (Wednesday), sit in the comfy seats and enjoy my new book I bought, The Lost Hero.

BYU Campus, Yay!

Walking around BYU Campus, I found this very cute statue!

About books, I went to check out BYU book store, and I was AMAZED! So many fiiine books and I honestly wanted to buy all of them. I had picked out around 12 books, but then I had to control myself, and unfortunately leave some behind. I call it my farewell book moment. It was sad, but I`m getting over it (next time I will just have to ship them to Norway).

Wonderful people! Had missed them all!

Making funny faces!!

When the evening came, Christina and I drove off to meet up with others for the gathering at Stephanie and Chris Burns` apartment. It was sweet! I loved it and I loved the fact that a lot of people came. That was definitely the highlight of the day!! It was KOSELIG (a Norwegian word, that is not to be found in English, but it means, it was lovely, fun, nice +++).

I got to meet Linze again! I love that girl!! It is always crazy being around her, and I love it!

Regine Orme and Ryan Orme came too! That made me super happy!! 😀 

The Phillips came as well, and it was lovely to finally meet Megan!  Beautiful couple indeed!

Brodie had the Norwegian Russ shoes!! I found that super cool!

Finnally, while wondering my eyes everywhere, I happened to stumble over this sign. I find it quite amusing actually! 😀

Anyways, more adventures awaits me! 😀

Stay tuned for more…

Barby [xoxo]


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