THE journey…

I have arrived safely and sound in Utah! The trip took hours, but worth it. I flew from Oslo, Norway early morning (spending my night at the Oslo airport) and arriving Berlin, Germany at 8 ish am. Even though the flight schedule was late, I still had time to kill! So I used up that time standing in waiting lines, the first line was to get a stamp on my ticket, the second was a passport control and I was finally boarding the flight to New York (NY JFK). Next to me sat a really nice Chinese girl. We got talking and laughing and really enjoyed our 9hours together. During our time together, we planned to go to the city in NY and be tourist together. Her stop was NY because she was heading for her studies.

My luggage, yup, that`s all I took with me!

To our surprise, when we arrived at JFK, the waiting line for the passport control was so long. We waited an hour before it was our turn, and by the time I was through with the control and claimed my luggage, we had lost one another. There were too many people to start wondering around. So I decided to go take air train and explore NYC. I got as closest as I could, before I had to head back to JFK and check in. Plus, travelling with luggage is not always as easy as it seems. Sad thing is, I was taken by the sights, and forgot to take pictures 😮 Oops.

Arriving New York, JFK airport.

My last flight to Salt Lake City (SLC) was due 8pm New York time. I wanted so bad to call my family and let them know I was alright and I had arrived JFK airport, ongoing to Provo, but to my disappointment, I could not buy a prepaid sim card 😦 Gosh, talk about making the tourist life hard. Anyways, I got so tired because I felt as if I had been travelling for two days without any sleep. The crazy thing is that when you travel to USA, the time shifts and hours are shifted back. Thus the day becomes loooooong 😮

JFK is huuge!

My last flight took 5hours, I slept some, but then it started going downhill from there. I got so sick to the point that I had to throw up. I hate throwing up! It always results in me losing my appetite and I LOVE food! I was shaking the last hour before landing in SLC, but the nice flight attended that works at Delta Airlines was so nice and gave me a Gingerrail (I think that was it), and it helped a bit even though it didn`t taste that good. But word, I was so happy when we landed, my stomach was too. Christina and Natalie came all the way and picked me up (angels) and we drove off to Provo, past midnight.

Provo mountains surroindings. Notice the Y!

So far I have had a fresh bath, slept very well and slowly have gotten my appetite back! 🙂

Stay tuned for more…

Barby [xoxo]


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