To the north, Logan!!!

Being with the Thomases was such fun! Catching up and updating on the gossip of my life 😀 You just gotta love them!

Friday was spent at a Stake gathering/party. There I got a great opportunity to listen to the story and testimony of former Missionary President in North Japan and his wife. They shared how Lord had guided and protected both them and the missionaries, when the earthquake and the tsunami hit Japan March 2011. It was such an uplifting testimony! I felt so lucky to have had the privilege to be where I was and take the lesson learned with me 😀

Driving into Cache Valley! Awesome view of mountains and snow!

Shopping with Susan Thomas on Saturday was so much fun! We got tons of stuff, I even bought myself a dress, one pair of shoes, one cabin bag, one hand bag and lots of other cool stuff. We drove around Logan and I got to explore not only the cool shopping places, but I also got to see the temple!! Way fun! During the evening we went out for dinner with the Hickens couple! I had already met them in Norway, so it was such a surprise to meet up again! Dinner was so yummy and the company was a blast.

The Thomases and the Hickens, out for dinner XD

Entered a big supermarket and found this art. Neat stuff 😛

YSA ward on Sunday! My very first time to attend a YSA Ward. Believe it or not, this was really big deal for me. For the first time, I felt like for once I could relate to all the lessons that were taught and all the talks given. One word: AMAZING! Sunday evening I got to pay the former mission president and his wife, Sister Poulsen, a visit at their house. It was such a great time and I had missed them very much.

Loved chatting and catching up with the Poulsens 😀

Monday morning I was picked up by the Poulson`s and we headed off to Ogden to meet up with Tanner. So weird that you can bond and have such a great time in a little amount of time. Being with the people I love makes time fly way fast :/

What a fun couple! Missing them already! "I`ll def. be back" 😀

Stay tuned for the next adventure! Ogden!!! 😀

Barby [xoxo]


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