Ogden is MUCH bigger city than I had imagined!! Tanner picked me up and showed me around. Monday was a chill out day with eating, dancing, yes dancing (Just Dance Nintendo Wii game, I still think we should have them in Norway too!!) and a movie night with the rest of Leatham family. I loved dancing so much, that the following Tuesday I spent about 2 hours dancing. Haha! I felt it in my body on Wednesday.

The chunk of butter.. see how HUGE that is,,

The rest of Tuesday was spent sleeping in and relaxing, plus one crazy thing: Indoor skydiving. I did it!! Skydiving was on my list of things to do, BUT I added indoor skydiving! It was crazy fun! I loved it even though how scary I must`ve looked 😀

Wednesday was spent getting a little more look on Ogden. Beautiful! I got to attend a football practice game with Kyla and the girls. During the evening I was ready for yet another crazy thing: Indoor surfing! Yup! I did it! 😀 Even though I couldn`t stand still or even last on the board more than a second, I did it 😀 hahaha!!

Stay tuned for the next adventure…

Barby [xoxo]


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