Last stop….Cedar City!!

Wow!! My last stop was the highlight of my trip in Utah, no doubt about that. I flew in to Cedar City Thursday morning with  the smallest aircraft I ever have boarded (I was scared the little thing wouldn`t even manage to take off, but then again, we were only 4 passangers! Hahaha!!). Cedar City is small, but still big in size. I got to check out the SUU (South Utah University) and Cedar City itself, attended Institute (first in two weeks), and I loved it (EVEN though I was not so eager to attend the class from the beginning)! During the evening, we went to a Basketball game!! Oh my word! I laughed and shouted and was all in 😀 From the looks of it, it was a serious game. Plus, cheerleaders were being thrown into thin air, looked scary for me to try, but totally awesome to watch! 😀

Left in the middle of NOWHERE! 😮

I was painted on Friday morning by Del Parson (himself!!!), so yeah, I am carrying a picture of myself but don`t jelous on me, cause I intend to keep it to myself! Chad`s mum and I went book shopping! I finished my awesome book that I bought in Provo, and I knew there was a sequel, the only thing I didn`t know was that we were buying five more books for me! Crazy? Tyaa.. but I can`t wait to drown myself in them 😀 Chad took me shooting! First time to hold a gun, aim and shoot. It was so much fun that I hadn`t expected it! I was soo scared at first because I thought the whole thing would backfire at me. There gotta be first time for everything in life, right 🙂

That`s me, and I`m not lying! || I look sooo fine, me love me!||

Yup, that is a real thing Barbs is holding on! watch out 😮

You don`t want to mess around with this guy..

During the evening we drove off to Las Vegas!! We arrived around 8pm-ish, but Kristin`s crazy idea of California was much more intriguing!! We got to Kristin`s friend`s gate before we made a U-turn and headed for California!!!! Okay, I was so in for it, and you know the feeling of finding yourself with two people who are equally or maybe crazier than you are? I LOVED IT!! It was THE craziest thing done on my adventures so far! So spontaneous and at the same time totally craaazy! So the rest of Friday was spent driving to CALIFORNIA and having lots of fun along the way. Plus, I got to eat at Carl`s Junior, a whole burger and a half!! It was the MOST tasty burger I`ve ever eaten!!

I guess I was not the only one attracted to the statue XD

I think we found a look alike Aphrodite... though she didn`t give us any attention..

To Disney Land and Disney California Adventures on Saturday!! The WHOLE Saturday was spent having fun, running around, screaming a lot, being a child again, exploring much, goofing around, eating and drinking (soda) too. Disney Land was a DREAM come true!! Disney California Adventures was the dessert!! We were basically running through the two parks, trying to have enough time for it all. At the beginning I was struck as to why rush through it all (we did have 12 hours), but I soon understood that it takes time standing in the lines and so on. Even after 12 hours of craziness, I still had lots of energy left, but unfortunately my awesome friends, Chad and Kristin, were worn out, plus the park was closing. So we had to head home. I can share with you this much, Disney Land is where memories truly are made!! 😀 My favorite rides were California screamin’, Star Tours, The Twilight Zone and last but not least, Toy story!!!

El chico y las bonitas chicas!

Chad must`ve made an important wish at the wishing well, because that smile was not always there!

Kristin and Barby at the wishing well, sitting on it, in hopes for their wish to really come true.

During Sunday, before heading for church, we headed to Santa Monica Pier! “Welcome to the O.C” aka where I would love to live!! I love beaches, people, sun and California! After spending some time walking around, enjoying the people, the sun, the beach and Santa Monica, we drove to church and we were just in time for the Sacrament meeting. Leaving California during the evening was sad, it was just like in the movie when ### guy has to leave ### girl and the background scene is portrayed with a sunset and at the same time sad music starts to play (though in my case, there was no sad music, just music). Anyway, I will definitely be coming back to California! No doubt!

Kristin, Chad and I! Lovely!

Santa Monica! beautiful!

Kristin and I drove early monday morning back to Provo, since I was flying down to Buenos Aires from Salt Lake City.  My adventures in USA, I must say, have been positively surprising, and I love surprises! My last stop was definitely the cherry on top of my ice-cream!! USA, watch out! Cause I`ll be BACK for more!!

Barby finally got to hug a Palm Tree!! 🙂

California wouldn`t be the same without these awesome people!!

Next adventure…. is …. wait for it ….. ARGENTINA!!!! stay tuned..

Barby [xoxo]


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