|| Buenos Aires || 2 first weeks ||

Adventures did really await me and I`m enjoying my self so much that time for blogging is becoming more and more less :/ But I manage to squeeze in time for updating all loved ones back home!

I arrived Buenos Aires, Argentina on Tuesday 31.01.2012, after flying for more than 24 hours, I was ready for bed! But since I`m all curious all the time, I set my luggage inside and walked in unknown streets, breathing the Buenos Aires air and smelling EVERYTHING! Some smells were reviving, and others..yaiks! When I arrived at the airport in Sao Paulo in Brasil, I was given a notice that my luggage was still in California (what a heck was my first though), BUT after three looong days, it finally arrived at my door step! My eyes were glowing when I saw my red NSB bag and I could finally have more change of cloathes and shoes! (HAHA)

First week was spend getting to know my neighborhood, the streets, what to avvoid and what to check out, how to get from one place to the other etc.. (the list could go on, but let`s say the first week I was so touristic). The day after arriving, my classes started and I was learning rapidly, maybe too fast. I got awesome new friends  and we explored the city together, went out for dinner and dessert (yummy), shopping, but I still have not tried out the Argentinian food. It is on my to try list! I will have it before I leave (that is in 2 weeks).

Instead of blabbling about my first week I will share the pictures! Enjoy! 🙂

You know how I am when I see a man in uniform (nonfunctional)!

We visited the president`s office, and this is his backyard (what a site).

Carneval on weekends, right outside my accomodation! (that means, no sleep for the whole weekend).

I found Neverland!! Inside Abasto shopping mall! I was so close to Michael Jackson 😀

”]Moving on, second week was much easier getting around, but it was also my frustration week! I got so frustrated with the language, not being able to express myself (and I am a person who loves to talk). I wanted badly to be understood, and understand, but everyone in Argentina speaks FAST, and my ears works slowly, so frustration was just around the corner!

We also spend a great amount of time exploring more of Buenos Aires, enjoying life, enduring the HEAT and shopping some more, eating yummy (cheap) dinner at really fancy restaurants and having yummy drinks at fancy bars and cafès.. I love life in Argentina, and the people I`ve met along the way, they have been amazing!! I even hoped they all could join me to Peru 😛

I did manage to find the church!! And I also found a person that spoke English, it was a miracle because a lot of people in Buenos Aires (that I`ve met) speak little of no English at all. So yeah, my rusty Spanish gets really a workout, though I wish sometimes to express myself.

Pictures of adventures of the second week!!

You never know what girls might do next! I love these people! Awesome girls from Germany!

Out with the girls for dessert and drinks!

I have never experienced the 25th hour, because I thought there were always 24hours in a day 😛

The tango show is a MUST see live! 😀

Out with the boys for dinner!

I was afraid of getting closer.. because it was wide awake.. heheh

Along the river in El Tigre, I saw my dream summer "cabin" house! 🙂 See that huge palm tree <<33

Through this two weeks, I have had two classes with Salsa, gone to a Salsa club, attended a Tango show with live music (incredible, a must try if you ever are in Argentina), I also have been to a market, have had a long Spanish conversation with a taxi driver, have been ripped off in Taxi (not much in my currency, but it still sucks), Have eaten ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, have had cake for breakfast, have taken the bus and gotten lost, have walked the streets past midnight (nothing happened 😀 ), I have walked a lot, I have eaten mango almost every day and I will be doing much more!


This is life alright <<33

Stay tuned for more..

Barby [xoxo]


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