Pros & Cons || Buenos Aires ||

There is always something going on in Buenos Aires, the city is too large and so things need to happen to keep the life of this wonderful city going. Although, I have a need to share some pros and cons with you, meaning things I have come across that has surprised me in a good way, in a bad way and some things that my jaw has dropped on the floor for. You would be surprised how actually you can feel safe in Buenos Aires, if you are in the area and have the right attitude.

The beauty of Buenos Aires

First week was fun. Walking through unknown streets, as a girl, you would constantly hear a whistle, some guy shouting to you how beautiful you are, someone throwing you a air-kiss or someone admiring your beauty . But then, after the first week, words and expression of affection gets old. Even the air kiss gets 2000-and-late. My personal experience is that, in the end you start feeling like a peace of meet that someone would like a taste of, or a dog that someone whistle to and would like to be the boss of.

Breathtaking site..

I don`t mind guys being bold as to tell me that I am beautiful and so on, but there are other ways you can do that without leaving a girl feeling cheap or less worth.

Train tracks next to the ocean..

Flirting is EVERYWHERE!!! It does not matter where you are, what you are wearing or what you are doing. There is always someone who will find you attractive! Some guys are way pushy, and some respect your personal space. The flirting can be in a cab on your way home, in a cafè, in a restaurant, in the streets, in  a shoe store and any other store, in a bus, or in a subway, well basically everywhere.

It was windy, and it looked like the storm was on its way, but we got lucky 🙂

My cheapest movie seen in the cinema cost me 19 pesos! You gotta love Wednesdays and Buenos Aires!
My most expensive dinner was right beside the harbor with the girls. It cost me 120 pesos!
My cheapest bus ticket was 1.20 pesos! Travelling should be cheap 😀 Sending a first class air mail, costs 40 pesos! I guess there are a lot bargains along the way and that was expensive for a single letter. If you send the letter by normal standards, it only cost you 10pesos!
My most annoyed moment was when we were in a restaurant and the waiter rushed us to get out so other guests could eat too, this was when I was not even finished with my drink 😮
The cheapest line for getting my attention: I work in a film business, would you mind helping me shoot a movie? (side note: The dude also gave me his work card).
My saddest moment was when I saw a mother and her two children living on the street, it rained so much that day and you could see some of their belongings floating away in the flod. I`ve never felt more helpless.
My jaw dropping moment was when me and some friends took a cab, and he taxi driver was so honest as to deny driving us since we were only going a few blocks.
My most shocking moment happened when I was with Denise in a supermarket to buy a hair straightener and the customer-service lady was so rude and denied me to buy anything because I asked to look at one beforehand. (plus, everywhere I have been, they have stressed me with buying items, it seems like they don`t like it when you window-shop).
My happiest moment was when I finally found Valentines gift for Mr. Awesome!

This street art is dedicated to my best friend Kathrine Aanensen ❤

I am still and will continue exploring Buenos Aires, because there is just too much in life that I love!

Stay tune for more…

Barby [xoxo]


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