3rd & 4th week || Buenos Aires

My adventures in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are coming to an end. It is a little sad because I finally got to know the city and got some awesome friends, did lots of awesome things and saw a lot of weird stuff. Although my adventures in Buenos Aires as over, I would like to come back one day 🙂

A really funky cafè/restaurant we happened to run into.. Everything was random! Love it!

Week three was not as frustrating as week 2, although my Spanish was still very rough. My understanding is getting much better, and I can`t wait til the day I can speak Spanish without pausing every second to search for a word. Hopefully that day will arrive 😀 (soon).

We had dinner at a roof restaurant, it was the best cesar salad I`ve had in my life! add great company and all is wonderful 😀

I have been doing a lot of spontaneous shopping because around every corner, you can always find great deals on clothes, shoes, jewelry etc.. When I say good deals, be reassured and know that it is a very good deal.

What I did on Valentine`s day? Visited Ricoleta, a graveyard. Only thing is that it didn`t feel like a graveyard with all the tourist (including me) taking pictures.

Caf`e Tortoni! The rest of my Valentine`s day. We were too demanding, because in the end our waiter dropped everything at our table so we could be satisfied and stop complaining (haha). Gotta love Buenos Aires.

Yes! I have got many opportunities to explore night life in Buenos Aires, and I can now insure you; It is not bad at all! You have everything from Salsa, Tango to Techno and Mixed music, basically, this city never sleeps!  The clubs are open ALL night long, so you can dance til you can`t move anymore! My Salsa dancing is getting rusty since I have not been rehearsing, but I`m thinking about perfecting it in Peru (hope it`s possible) 😀

The plate was so huge and filled with salad, the funny thing is that was the small size. I didn`t wanted to know how big the big size would`ve been 😮

1/2 chicken. It has been a lot of meat eating weeks 😮 That chicken is only for 1 person (ME)!

My first Salomon: The fish was ok, the rice was aweful 😮

Wednesday this week was spent in Uruguay!! We took the boat (3 hours) and spent some time viewing the little town and later took a taxi to the BEACH!! There was not so many people (perfect!), a lot of soft sand (perfect!), outdoor toilet (gross!), restaurant next to the beach (perfect) and the sun was shining the whole time (perfect), therefore the water was PERFECT! I also got more stamps in my passport! yay! BTW: Even though Uruguay is only a few hours away, there is a HUGE different, in the way they speak and  in people and their politeness! Gosh! I really wanted to stay longer in Uruguay, but unfortunately we had bought tickets for one day 😦

I didn`t look all that scary in real life!!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to go to the carnival without being a victim! We got really sprayed down the moment we arrived, and so we decided to buy some and get revenge! HAHA!!

The most AWESOME family home evening I`ve attended has been in Buenos Aires so far. We started off the day with activities and fun sports (vollyball = my favorite!), and I played 4 matches straight (I was not prepared to sweat so much!). We had 3 different lessons (in Spanish), short and powerful (just the way I like it) including something to snack on (yummy). We ended the FHE with a fun question game. Guys against girls! It was hilarious because everything is apparently possible in Argentina! For instance, Russia can also be a part of Europe, no big deal right? Hehehe.

Out for icecream!! In total: 1kg of icecream!! Crazy? NO! We love to have an excuse (it`s hot in Buenos Aires). Most yummy icecream I`ve had so far (oh gosh!).

I`m left with less than 4 days in Buenos Aires and I already know I will miss it, especially the great people I`ve got acquainted with! 😀 Next adventure… is.. wait for it… Peru!!

Stay tuned..

Barby [xoxo]


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