The travel.. Argentina – Peru

I was actually really excited to start my adventures towards Peru, I think I had already had enough of Buenos Aires (haha), even though I knew I will be missing everyone I got acquainted with. My first flight from Buenos Aires was delayed 30minutes, due to, I don`t even know, but I guessed that was the Argentinean time or something. It was not so comfortable, but it was manageable for 2 hours. As I was waiting in Buenos Aires, before boarding the aircraft, I must share this: It was darn confusing knowing when you were suppose to go in line for the check in. The thing was, they had two planes flying to Santiago, Chile, where my first stop was.

When we got to Santiago, we had a delay of 10 minutes, give or take. Ok, I am not a punctual person, but flying and time together freaks me out. One time, when I was supposed to fly to England, Oxford with my Mum, we lost the plain because we were running late, or basically, the traffic was having some technical problems. Since then, I `ve become a freak in being on time when it comes to flying, but other stuff in life, I don`t care so much (don`t ask me why, I love taking it easy on life).

Lí­mite Chile/Argentina en el paso del Bermejo...

So we flew two hours and we made a sudden lading, okay maybe not really a sudden, but it sure got me by surprise. As I looked outside the little window, I realized, the signs didn`t read Lima, Peru. It read something else, a name even I can`t pronounce. Now, the funny thing is that on my flight ticket, there was written nowhere that I would be doing a 2nd stop and I was not even informed of that when I checked it, all they told me was that I had 1 stop and that was it. The reason to my 2nd stop was due to immigration check, which I already had been through in Buenos Aires, so when I heard my name over the loud speaker, first I got shaky thinking what did I forget to do right, but then when I was escorted and got to skip the line, I was all happy again 😀

I finally arrived Lima, Peru after being almost 3 hours behind schedule, poor Oscar (my driver) who had to wait for me to be picked up. We drove a little around the city and even though it was night, I knew I am going to enjoy Lima!!

Stay tuned for my last week in Buenos Aires (next post).

Barby [xoxo]


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