Don`t cry 4 me Argentina!

My last week in Argentina was the best! I finally got to know all the awesome people, I finally found all the cool places to eat, a place to read my books, a place to watch people, a place to get away from the people and traffic. I finally found Argentina in Buenos Aires, and I had to leave to start a new adventure.

Florida shopping street in Buenos Aires

My last week in Buenos Aires was spent in classes, and I finally felt less scared to talk to people! (YAY!). My last weekend, we went out and had one last dance in Buenos Aires! It was a lovely Friday because we had dinner first and I got a big pizza for my own. I ordered a small one, but the small size was a medium one for me (haha).

Out to dance with the girls! Yaay!

During Saturday (25.02.12) evening, I had dinner with the girls. Katrin`s last meal in Buenos Aires, I will for sure miss her (I already do)

Tuesday (28.02.12) was mostly spent at the ZOO!!! My very first time to go to a ZOO. I haven`t gone before because I always found the zoo boring. To my surprise it was kinda fun! I went with my friend Rodrigo from Argentina. He was way fun having around because he could translate the stories and at the same time correct my Spanish 😀

So ready for the zoo (yay) 😀

Buenos Aires, the Zoo w/ Rodrigo.

During the evening, me and the girls went out for one last dinner together at this kind of roof restaurant. It was expensive, and smaller than I had imagined, but the view was amazing!

All flags were half raised in the memory of all that were lost and injured in the train accident. Argentina cares.

My last Sunday at church was a little sad! It was great to finally understand the talks and the lessons taught, but a little sad because I was leaving when I finally got to know the members. Great people, one day hopefully our paths will cross again 😀 The rest of the day I spent it with my freaking awesome German friend! We were having such a nice time and having a great day, until a bird pooed on us! Like really pooed, big time! The stunk that came right after, was so smelly that I almost vomited the food I just had eaten! The nice couple that were around helped us to get the most of the poo off our clothes! It was straight home and have a shower!

Puente Transbordador: the transport bridge. The new one is in the back.

I cancelled classes for the rest of my time in Buenos Aires, instead of doing classes all the time, I enjoyed the city! On Monday (27.02.12) was spent being lazy. I had to buy another travelling bag because I had bought too many shoes in Buenos Aires! LOL! During the evening, I went out with Nicola for dinner. We had a great time together, that girl sure is funny 🙂 I already miss her!

Nicola!! 😀 😀

My last day in Buenos Aires was PERFECT! I spent 5 hours reading my book and eating while also relaxing and watching people outside on the streets walking by. I didn`t know I had already spent so much time reading. I suddenly looked outside and it was getting darker! The cafè I ate at is called Picnic, totally worth my time! During my last evening, my host family and Nicola had dinner together! Such a great way to end my last week 🙂

My host mother and her daughter. Wonderful family! 🙂

It has been a wonderful time in Buenos Aires! The memories are truly made and I`ve learned so much even the unexpected things. Thank you all for a wonderful time and awesome moments! I had the time of my life in Buenos Aires!

Top 5 Must Do list:

– Take the boat to Uruguay for a day trip 
– Eat at Parilla Escondida
– Have a cake and a drink at Cafè Tortoni
– Go see a live Tango Show!
– Enjoy yourself!

Buenos Aires couldn`t have been the same without great people! 😀

Barby [xoxo]


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