South of Peru, there is a an OASIS! The place is called Huacachina. It is surrounded by sand mountains, and right in the valley, you have Huacachina. Amazing! 11 of us from la casa (student housing) went on the trip together, we bailey knew eachother at first, but after the trip, we pretty much had enough of each other. We bonded too much.

This is our hostel that we stayed in. Also the party place.

We got the special prices and all. yeah

During our travel, we got acquainted with this awesome guy José, who also by the way was our guide and became a very good friend of ours. On Arrel, we got invited for dinner at his parent`s house. He prepared Peruvian wine chicken, with rice and a special Peruvian salad. It was THE MOST YUMMY food I have eaten so far in South America. The meal I ate was enough for 3 persons. José is such a wonderful person and also has a beautiful person. He just makes everyone around him feels so happy 😀

There was so much of it, but the grapes were not ready for tramping. So we got to taste them. They were suuper sweet! yummy.. hahaha

The little sweetheart of the weekend. we got invited for dinner on Arrele`s birthday!

Josè made us the most TASTY dinner. Chicken with rice and special veggies! I ate for more than 3 people. Hahaha.

Ica is nearby Huacachina, and whenever we felt like going some place else for dinner, we would ride a taxi to Ica. In Ica you can find a shopping mall with various things and of cause cloathes! I ended up buying nothing, but that is ok too.

Arrele took a BIG bite out of that cake. Happy birthday for sure! 😀

Everyone (11 of us) was ready to celebrate Arrele`s birthday!!

The day was perfectly complete, with yummy dinner, yummy cake, awesom people, great music and lots of dancing (+ a lot of Pisco Sour for some).

Our last day of travel, we drove to Paracas to explore the National Reserve and see sea-lions!! That trip was quite weird for me, I was super tired and sleepy. Hence while being on the boat for 2 hours, I slept most of the time! I did manage to enjoy it, but something tells me I would`ve enjoyed it more if I was more awake. I figured it was the decision to put the trip on the last day. Haha!!

The view was breathtaking and we got to go all the way to the beach and I got to walk in the Red Sand! Yay!

The beginning of the trip. Everyone is ready, especially these two wonderful girls! Aisha and Sewon!

Huacachina was a really beautiful place, I wouldn`t visit it again, just mainly because I would love to explore more of what Peru has to offer! Although during my time in Ica, Paracas and Huacachina, I have gained a lot more adventures into my checklist, I have also gained some new freaking awesome friendships!

The last day! It was good, but sad too. We met incredible people and we bonded (a little too much)! It was a great bunch of people!

If you have not yet been to the Oasis, Huacachina, you should put that on your to-go-place-in-Peru!

Oh well, next update is about the first days of school! Stay tuned!

Barby [xoxo]


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