School starts = KAOS

School started!!! My energy was already drained because of all the disagreements I had with USIL. The problems were many, and they were multiplying along the way. I had troubles with my schedule, with my hours, also with my credits (they were all wrong and too many), and on top of that, subjects were a problem. I had no clue if my subjects would be approved in Norway or not (for my exchange program). There you have it, KAOS before school actually started. No worries, cause me, I am optimistic! I was taken by surprise with my first class. My teacher is cool, but wow, the rules were strict! You couldn`t drink or eat in class. The eating part, understood, but the drinking part, never will understand either. It came to a point I felt like I was back to Primary school all over again!

Our welcome show, it was some of the Peruvian national dresses and a dace was performed as well. beautifully!

I got a picture too 😉 always curious haha.. Beautifully made cloathes! I love Peru and the Culture!

I finally had my first Sunday in Miraflores, in Lima. Being a newbie is not as fun as it looks/sounds. It is a little frustrating because everyone is mingleling with each other and you are left alone, looking at the crowd, not being able to understand the conversations in Spanish, just smiling and smiling some more, until you can`t fake the smiles anymore. Once you get over the awkwardness, everything and everyone becomes much better! I have already come to love my new ward, even though I sometimes get frustrated because of the language, it is all about enjoying and being grateful for the moment. I have gotten new awesome friends, and I am looking forward for what the future has in stored for me 😀

I found this one soo particularly stunning! I wouldn`t mind having one of those dresses in my closet! 😀 Her and more also perfomed a dance. Welcome party for all International Students!

Okay, this one was super random. The guys just wanted a picture of me with them. And the most funny thing is that I thought they were professors, but turned out they were students as well! 🙂

Next post on what is going on so far! Stay tuned!

Barby [xoxo]


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