So far in March.. Mostly pictures in this post.

I have attended FHE (check out for more info). First time I went together with Aisha and Sewon! Love these girls!!

One random day we went to Starbucks to do our homework. Creepy guy comes to our table. he left, and so did we later on. Right outside there was a party going on. People dancing in the park and having fun.

Late but people still are having a great time together. Park Kennedy, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Just another day in Miraflores, with Aisha.

Me and Aisha went to Starbucks to chill out one day, and I got the BIGGEST hot chocolate ever.. The cup had my name on it too! hahaha

My chocolate from my loving wonderful twin sister finally arrived after waiting for it for almost 2 weeks!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Almost nothing makes me happier than chocolate from Norway (I guess I am a little nationalist when it comes to my love for chocolate (from Norway)).

The vies sometimes take away my breath, even though there is more to it than just a pretty view.

With darling Dayeon. one random day looking for a store to buy books, not so easy if you have no idea about where is what πŸ˜›

From left: Johanna. Sulin. Sue. Lulu. The actual chefs in the la CASA! This girls truly adds spices to my everyday life ❀

I found this nasty plant. Have no idea what it is supposed to be, but it was in the cactus family though!

I have gone to the Lima LDS Temple too! Breathtaking!! I loved it, and I can`t wait to have more opportunities to attend the temple (that might be every week). The Temple is soooo close to my school, only 10min away by foot πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

To have this view so close to school, I have nothing to complain about πŸ˜€

Being so lucky πŸ˜€

Yummy dessert and yummy calzone. We love life!

I have had and done a loot of homework!!! I have already taken 2 tests and more awaits! I also had a homework-breakdown-day! My patience and reverence had reached the breach point. Hence I cracked! I am all fine now.

Usil, Campus 1. We are international with international love!

Some of the things are to entertain people. At the beach in Lima, Larcomar.

At Saqra for Aisha`s birthday!! Sweet 21!!

I ate bad food from a restaurant called Bembos and had a bad stomach ache, LUCKILY Aisha had this killer tablets, by the morning, I was all fine and happy and eating again, although not in Bembos again. (one bad experience is more than enough for me).

From Left: Johanna, Chelsea, Giselle and Laura!
One day when bored, we went to the Boheimen, a really nice and funky restaurant.

Enjoying great company with friends.. at the Boheimen πŸ˜€

They all love Aisha!! πŸ˜€ With the door man at the Boheimen!

Just about to enter the Boheimen and Aisha does a really cute posing. πŸ˜€ haha.. Love this girl ❀

Together with Aisha, we have had massages! It was a weird experience (I will not go in details), but we will definitely be having more massages here. We are too stressed to relax our muscles.

Aisha finally reached 21 years old! πŸ˜€ It was an awesome day!

Maracuya sour! Aisha has really turned 21! πŸ˜€

I was so lucky and finally got an opportunity to speak to my older brother and my sister in law! πŸ˜€ I love and miss them soo much! I also skyped my little sister, and I had a LAUGH! A loud one too! Hahahaha!! She is freaking funny!!

Went Karaoke with Aisha, Chelsea and Roshelly! It was freaking funny because we were the only people who were singing in English! hahaha!!

I have been hanging out with awesome people!! I sometimes wish I could bring them all back to Norway with me!! They really add greatness to my adventures here in Peru! I just know more awesomeness awaits me! Love you guys, thank you for being yourselves!

Our new awesome friend. Chrisitian! Also known as our protector in la Casa!! πŸ˜€

So far? Yup, only greatness and I am so exciting for more! Stay tuned!

Barby [xoxo]


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