Un Techo Para Mi Pais – Perú! My Easter Holiday!

One Holiday. One Purpose. One chance. One Goal. One Awesome Experience. One Love. One Hope. One Unity.

If I could put the Easter weekend in one word, I wouldn`t manage. It was such a great weekend and even though I came out of it being very sick, sicker than what I expected, it was all WORTH it! I would do it all again!

With Aisha and Sewon, we were three musketeers ready to help! Villa Maria Triumfe: We are ready for you 🙂

Aisha and her group, ready to team up and go to work!

Sewon together with her group!!

My wonderful group. Day 1! We bonded so much in 4 days! Awesome people!

Un techo para mi pais is a non-profit organization that can be found all over South America. The organization focuses on building houses for those in need, for those who can`t afford to have a roof over the heads. Now I am not talking about any person, I am talking about the people that have so little and yet posses a HUGE heart!

First day of work. Sun is so hot and we are all trying to get in the shadows plus at the same time, finish the work. Fun times.

While waiting for lunch/dinner. The view was amazing.

I was away doing volunteer work. Me and 400 other young/young adults. We spent our Easter Holiday giving and doing service to our neighbors. Those who really honestly need it, are those who never asks. I learned so much more!

Sewon caring a baby down and up the steep stairs.

Un techo para mi pais - Perú! We looked good even after 4 days of not showering! Dirty and sexy! hahah

Putting on sunscreen and making themselves look beautiful before going to work! Awesome girls with awesome hearts!

It was a Holiday of love, learning, shocks, cuts and wounds, laughter, new friends, improving my Spanish and having the time of my life! I can`t lie, I was super tired, and still am, but I have to say, the smiles I saw on the families we helped was worth all the sweat, all the muscle pain, all the heat in the sun and all the little sleep we got.

My awesome group on the last day! We were not ready to say goodbye to the families, even though we were eager to finish the house!

I went to the activity not knowing what our purpose was. At first I was lost, annoyed because nothing went the way I had expected and mad because I felt left out because of the little information I got from our school before the actual trip and the language barriers as well. All that was soon forgotten when I went to work and focused on the real goal: Why. I was there to help. Everyone can fall sometimes, but it depends how you stand back up, the strength you have to rise. This new great family showed me that, every day they could fall, but they would always stand up stronger. The faith and hope in their eyes could tell anyone that even though every day is a struggle, every second is a blessing. That is what faith can do.

"One love" ❤

"One Hope" ❤

"United together" ❤

This upcoming Sunday, we will be going back to visit. Letting them know that we have not forgotten them. I know even though when I return back to Norway, they will never be forgotten. They already hold a special place in my heart.

I am having the time of my life! I hope you are too! Stay tuned for more…

Barby [xoxo]


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