Huaraz.. Peru!

I know all of you have been patiently waiting for me to update and post something really cool. I have been doing tons of cool stuff, meeting awesome people and spending time with more awesome people! THAT is why I have not had time to do updates on the blog. Nevertheless, I owe you an update on how things are going here in Peru!

The start of our trip taking picture with a rather funny stranger. Me, Dennis, Sewon and Aisha (who is taking the picture)..

On our way up to Lake Llaca, The altitude got to most of us, hard to breath even how hard you try.

With four great people, you are bound to have a great time!

I have had a great opportunity to travel with friends to a city North of Peru called Huaraz. I did not travel alone (luckily) but with awesome friends. On the trip We met more incredible people. I HAVE to mention Lee, the super awesome Lee. He is from South-Korea, lives in Atlanta for the moment because of studies, and at this moment is currently travelling around South-America! Well, I might say he is living his dream (I know I am living mine) 😀 Lee has become a close friend and I will be visiting him in South-Korea (in the nearest future whenever my adventures of life takes me)!

I couldn´t wait and it had to be done. Nature calling is all I can say.

Halfway to Lake Llaca, we decided to take a swim. (JK!!)

We finally spotted the very first sign to the river. Motivation was up and everyone was still excited! Here with: Me, Sewon, Dennis, Aisha and Lee.

With that said, Huaraz was not only filled with great people, national and international, it was also filled with mountains, hikes, mountain biking horseback riding, Wachiturros and so much more! If you happen to travel to Peru, I recommend a trip to Huaraz, a weekend or longer!

My realization to how small humanity really is, and how GREAT God is. The view was spectacular! Here with Aisha ❤

Lake Llaca and Ice glacier! Beautiful scene!

We went wondering around the market to buy cheap peruvian stuff!

Yeap, even dreams came true in Huaraz, Aisha and Sewon got finally to meet Wachiturros AND get a picture!! Well done ladies ❤

Some of the audience loved the show with admiration, some were shocked, some were set back by the performance, but in reality, we were all there to enjoy ourselves 🙂

Even though the concert was very unorganized, it was entertaining and fun to watch! They really did it the Latino way 😉

It was so amazing that I want to go back and enjoy the nature even more. Everything was green and the air was definitely lighter than it is in Lima! With no doubt, I am glad I listed Huaraz on my travelling list! It has been a wonderful adventure!

The hats of the residence, Sewon and I just had to give them a try 😀

Even though we were kind of ready to leave, we had already made memories for life! Friends don´t grow on trees, they are treasured once found!

Stay tuned for the next update: Inca Jungle Trek!

Barby [xoxo]


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