Adventures in Cuzco!

FINALLY Cuzco! Travelling always for some weird reason makes me very very happy, but at the same time annoyingly sick too! I am all better already and so I wanted to share the experiences that I had in Cuzco with some of the most awesome people I have met while being on my study abroad program.

Babies just loooved Aisha! And they did not even cry when she was carrying and tossing them around. She is amaziiiing with the little ones!

Another person that not only kids love, but Lee is really a people´s person. Everyone loves Lee!

As for me: I knew how to piss people off..

I had imagined Cuzco would be a little town, but to my surprise, it was huuuge! We really were super lucky and came on a week of celebrations! Wicked? Heck no! It was perfect and we did what we always do best: We joined the party!! After all, it is not everyday you get to enjoy the company of Cuzqenas! It was fun, good music, lots of laughter and not forgetting great pictures for great memories.

Aisha and I joined the group, why not, we felt very much like one of them!

Not only did we meet beautiful ladies, but we were also really introduced to their cloathing. Take beautiful ladies, and bright wonderful colors, you will end up with PERU!

I love this picture of Aisha and the Señora! This was really a happy day that created a happy memory.

You can´t be bored when you are travelling with great people, if you do, then there is something seriously wrong with you (sorry, but it is  true). Lucky me, I keep finding myself in the company of great people, and everyday is another story, another adventure, big or small, my days seems to only consist of laughter and great company!!

Yes, Aisha is multi-talented! She is full of surprises and lucky me cause I looove surprises!

Cusco is really a city full of colors. You just have to be lucky on the months. When we went, there was a festival for children going on (for like a week) and so we got to experience Cusco in a very special way. Cannot complain, life is wonderful!

Lee, Chelsea, Aisha, Our new friend from Cusco and waiter, Barby. Here in our favorite restaurant in Cusco. Highly recommended if you want to eat out at an affordable price!

The rest of the story in Cuzco? I will let the pictures speak for themselves 😉 They say more than what you would like to read.

Randomness is what we know best, and that is also when we make memories that lasts 🙂

Stay tuned for my next update; Adventures of Lee, Aisha and Barby!!

Aisha and Lee! Two really awesome people! There is never a boring moment when you have these two great people around!

That is all for now, adventures in Cuzco will always be in my heart!

Barby [xoxo]


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