Last moments in Peru

I have been postponing this post as long as I could, but I was not counting for the day to arrive so fast. Oh, well, now that it is here, I am all emotional about leaving behind an awesome semester in Peru, studying abroad. I know from what I have been blogging about, it seems as if I was doing more travelling and fun stuff than actual travelling, well, let´s just say that I am different kind of nerd: I read in secret when no one sees me, so I still study.

Anyways, I will not be pressing about how much I am going to miss Peru and my friends here, but I would rather show you through my snaps what Peru has offered me, and why on day in the future I would LOVE to come back, one day I hope.

Stay tuned for my next update: Peru: Pros & Cons.

At Machu Picchu with our new Korean friends that we got acquainted with AT Machu Picchu! Awesome people along all of our journeys. Machu Picchu was a dream come true xD

Volunteering and helping out to build houses for those who have nothing, but holds big hearts! Thank you TECHO for the opportunity to touch another person´s life. The families will never be forgotten ❤

Plaza Vea, my favorite place to go grocery shopping! Here with our favorite worker: Edgar. Because of Plaza Vea I was able to eat til my hearts content x]]

La Lucha. Our (Aisha, Sewon and Baby) favorite sandwich place! Here with the manager Jose-Luis and other workers. We would always go to La Lucha either it was for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner or for anytime. La Lucha would always be the first pick.

I made sure to try out different restaurants with different cousins. Here at the largest table for more than 6 people, given to two ladies, us. We felt very awkward and very important. Moments in Peru sometimes takes you by surprise 😉

This is LIMA!!! Fun, laughter, colors, music, dancing, youth, culture and much much more of the good stuff! This is the REAL Lima!

Diversity! I loved that. When people try to understand other´s culture, it will be easier for them to get along with anyone (almost). Here is Aisha and I at the Mexican Restaurant =)

Experiencing something different. I learned to accept people as they are. Learn to accept the things you cannot change, it is okey to be different, it is ok to be you.

You make the best out of an ordinary day. You LIVE it and you LOVE it!

You meet people that change your life for forever and people that are impossible to forget. Sewon and Aisha, thank you for being those people ❤

You get a taste of Peru and what it really can offer you, you go to the restaurant called Mesa de Pierda. Includes Peruvian dances, Peruvian dresses and much more!!

You become one of them. Doing the same thing as them. Talking the same way you do. Act as they do. Live as the Peruvians do.

Of cause you go to the Zoo as well!! Although, do not expect too much, the animals are there on season, if you are lucky you might see all of them, of you are unlucky (as we were) you will get to see some, just some. (this information is not shared with you, yo discover it by yourself as you walk through the park).

You go crazy. You are far from home and you know this opportunity might never come again. You go crazy and you live crazy…with class!

You relax and be yourself. No worries about how people see you, if your friends accept you for who you are, you care less about other people and live the moments, creating more and more each day until Peru becomes unforgettable ❤

YOU LIVE IT UP!!!!! You let nothing stops you from having the time of your life!!

Barby [xoxo]


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