Pros & Cons Peru (2012)

This are all what I have experienced in Peru, and so they are all my personal pros & cons of my Peru 2012. You never know what happens in the future, all listed here, might have changed or even experienced different!

Out to have fun and EAT!


–          Culture variety

–          Liberal people

–          Cheap living cost

–          Lack of structure means no tension = relax!

–          Very very family orientated

–          Latino inspired beats and music (LOVE IT!)

–          Salsa

–          Home parties

–          Picture loving people (I got a bunch since everyone wants to take a picture with you or of you!)

–           One of the seven wonders of the world is found in Peru (Machu Picchu)


Our favorite Sandwich place: La Lucha. Here with Aisha, Sewon and Barby


–          Having the looks of an international person (you are a target to everything)

–          Poor Customer service

–          They don´t promote individual learning (even in Universities)

–          USIL International administration (not helpful with anything major or minor)

–          Transportation

–          Traffic is horrible

–          Sanitation and hygiene

–          No clean tap water

–          Promptness of time

–          Organization of anything

–          Corruption

–          Ambulance and medical care (their misusage of power when in traffic)

–          Working children

–          Travelling inside Peru is super expensive (by plane)

–          Very little environmental prompt

Eating at Mesa de Piedra (Stone Table). A restaurant that specialize in Peruvian culture and food. Tasty food, great company and awesome entertainment!

Life in Norway is all great!

Stay tuned!

Barby [xoxo]


7 thoughts on “Pros & Cons Peru (2012)

  1. I agree esto pros and cons!!! Hahhahha
    But we could? deal w/ life there, and most important thing is we really enjoyed it JUNTOS!!

    P.s. barby, now i hav problem that my spanish pops up everytime when i have to speak Engles ( no recuerdo algunas palabras en ingles..)

    ****** in 3 hrs, i have an oral english exam! ^^
    THANKs GOD !!!! Ahahahahhahahhahhah


    • Sewonniiiitaaa boniiitaaa ❤ Mi querida! Gracias!! kkkkkkkkk :)) We really did it together!! Love you girls so much!
      Mee tooo!! My spanish keeps popiping up all the time, and I am so glad that I have some Spanish speaking friends who understands me even though I say stuff in Spanish! jajajajaja!!
      Let me know how the oral exam went :))


    • Hey Lisa! I did not know! BUT I am soo excited to hear that you enjoy my adventure-stories! I will continue for sure, being back home in Norway brings different adventures 🙂


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