Back home||Norway ^.^

Life is a sunshine, or well, life has been a sunshine the past 8months or so, and coming back home has been much harder than I thought. Not only have I struggled with Norwegian, but I have struggled with getting back on my feet. Don´t get me wrong, I love being home, but reality is not always as blissful as we tend to make it.

My bestfriend and my good friend Sam! It felt as if I never left 😀

I spent roughly a week with my family, and since I have become an Aunt to a baby boy, I had to re-prioritize. My family has been truly blessed with having a healthy baby boy, and one heck of a handsome boy too. He is the first grandson in our family and we couldn´t be more thrilled. My Mum has been truly excited to become a grandmother, and I have been stocked to become an Aunt for the first time. I am so proud of my Sister-in-law and my oldest brother. They are such great examples and I couldn´t have asked for anyone else. I love my family, and I had missed them more than I thought.

am so blessed and so spoiled to have my Mum and my bestfriend come pick me up at the airport!!

My mum and I || First day arriving home, awesome time with the worlds most awesome mum!

Twin sister Norah and I at our birthday celebration || Roughly 3 days after arriving home!

After roughly a week home, I had to get back to my “study-town” and get started already with school meeting and life. This semester, I signed up to be an International Buddy. I have had fun already getting to know these wonderful people, and I am excited for the adventures we will be experiencing and joining this upcoming semester.

The international students that I will, throughout the semester, try to be the best example I can (oh well, that means having a blast)

And then, as if I have not travelled enough, I took a short trip to Finland to visit some really awesome people! I had to kill my travelling addiction somehow :/ I was not prepared to have an AWESOME weekend with so many great people! I was shocked when Monday came and it was time for me to leave 😦

You see beauty and you know you are in Finland ❤

Sometimes, I still look back to memories of Peru and even though it is still hard to land, I am landing slowly. I know for sure that the experiences I had will always go with me! Vive el Perú!!

At the Art Museum in Lillehammer || A picture says more than a thousand words…

At Kerr´s wedding Aug 2012. Here with a great girl and my twin sister Norah 😀

Stay tuned for more awesome posts!

Barby [xoxo]


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