I have a problem

A lot of people waits for changes in their life situations, but they do not realize to what extend those important changes are dependent on their choices and actions.

Everyone has problems. Either you ignore them or not, oh well, that is up to you. The ways we deal with problems differ, and no matter what advice your loved ones give you, it is in the end you who will have to take the step. But oh how good it is to have those loved ones around, so they can catch you when you are about to fall.

Dare to step into the depths.

On Wednesday I was at a seminar with my job. Maybe, just maybe it was a seminar I needed more than anything right now. I also have problems. It does not mean that I am sad about the problems I have. Yes, I am stressed and at times not focused on the “right now”. The fact that I do have problems means that I am trying to move my life forward to the goal I wish for.

Walk the path you desire.

During the seminar, the speaker, a psychologist, talked about how we can sometimes overcome the fight we have with the rest of the world. He spoke about how a lot of times when we have problems, it is mainly caused by ourselves, and no one else.  It is the way we react to the outside world, what we let ourselves hold as important and meaningful. That is the biggest factor to cause a problem.

Don´t let it all be a wish.

Now, I did cause a problem for myself that came unexpected. I struggled with this problem for the past 2 months and I was trying so hard not to let it surface my everyday life, but when the night came and I turned off the light, the problem would look me in the eyes. I tried so many times to tell someone about it, but I my ego was too big to do that. On Wednesday, the psychologist touched a sore point and it got me asking myself a very important question; how did I end up having this problem? As I unpacked the issue, I realize that the one that started the problem was me and only me. My brain started to work out thoughts, and as the days went by, more thoughts developed and in the end my thoughts had consumed me and I had created a problem for myself. If this happens to you too, don´t blame yourself, just be honest with yourself and you will see that sometimes, just sometimes, the problems that seems to eat us alive are the ones we have created ourselves. The importance of these problems, to each one of us, is significantly important if we are to solve the root of the problems and find answers.

Usually the problems we have are not as big as we make them to be.

Discovering my problem has provided me strength, because I was weighed down by the x problem. Even though the problem is not “fixed” yet, I have allowed myself to solve the problem. And finally today, I could let go of it. I recommend you do the same in your life. Sometimes you will need to talk to someone about the problem, but a lot of times, the problems are fixable as by yourself.

Deal with it, solve it, and leave it behind.

A lot of people waits for changes in their life situations, but they do not realize to what extend those important changes are dependent on their choices and actions.

Stay tuned,

Barby [xoxo]



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