2012 | Pictures

At the Zoo in Argentina

At the Zoo in Argentina


Life in Paracas


Berlin with style


Utah, Provo.. friends are a must in life!


Utah, Salt Lake. Thanks for the beautiful memories.


Dreams do really come true! 😀


My biggest surprise this year! Thank you all for making an unforgettable birthday party!

giirls out

Christmas party with my favorite girls in Lillehammer.


Peru, Huaraz. Lack of air.. naaah.. beautiful scenery, HECK YEAH!

int xmas dinner

Christmas dinner with all the International students! Thanks for being wonderful “kids”.

kat og barby

My best friend picking me up at the airport after spending 8 months away from home! Love you!

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu! Aisha, I will always treasure our journey, it was an awakening.

Norah y yo

Home for Christmas with my beautiful twin sister. I´m glad YOU are in my life ❤


LA LUCHA!! Best sandwiches ever tasted! wicked times, and awesome service. Peru, Lima.


Peru, Huacachina .Snowboarding and Oasis. Never seen something more beautiful out in the dessert.


Inside joke: the DOG hat man! Yes, the guy next to Barby was wearing a hat made out of DOG fur!


Norway, Lillehammer. At its best. Winter makes you miss the extra warmth even more.


I had a perfect Christmas. I hope you did too!


Peru, Lima. My favorite memory this year. Service. Building houses for those who really needs it. Teaching kindness to one another. Learning to Love unconditionally.

See you all next year!

Barby [xoxo]


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