You mean a lot to me

“I am glad you play an important role in my life. I have always known you mean a lot to me, but today I shed a tear because you really do mean a great deal to me.”

My oldest brother just turned 30 and I´m not lying when I say he does not look any different than when he was 25, but anyone can tell that he truly has come a long way and has taken life lessons, learned from them and shaped his life the way he desired to. Since I was a little girl, I have looked up to him. Until this day, he still is a great role model. Life has had its battles and there have been ups and down, but one thing I know for sure is that I wouldn´t change him. He is just great the way he is.

Spending time with the people I love, makes me see the little miracles in life. I went home for the weekend to celebrate my brothers birthday. As I looked through the room, I could see my family including my new added family. Because of my nephew, my family has expanded. As I looked around the room, I first glanced at my nephews grandpa. It was such a sweet moment. As I glanced at my nephew and his grandma, it was a happy moment. As I glanced at my mom and my nephew, I could see love. As I watched my twin sister and my nephew, I could see  joy. As I was watching


my little sister and my nephew I could see a role-model. As I looked at my sister-in-law´s sister and my nephew, I saw a relationship. As I watched my brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew, I clearly saw parents. My family means the world to me.



I learn so much from the people I love. It has come down to this. I am finishing off my bachelor degree (yay) and at the same time I have been blessed with great friends throughout the years spent in Lillehammer. I am realizing how time really is at the essence and that I ha

ve to seize every opportunity I have with you. My friend.. you mean a lot lot to me. You know very well who you are. You live in Oslo, Lillehammer, Dr

ammen, Seoul, Charlotte, Utah, Lima, Helsinki, Stockholm and so many many places.
I know now, you are the best thing in my life ❤


Barby ^.^


2 thoughts on “You mean a lot to me

  1. Dear lovely barby!

    You also mean to me in big parts of my life. When we were together for almost 5 months in san ignacio of perú, I found myself joying my life from the heart. I could say that ” i love my life!” And i really did it through my heart!
    You are that girl who makes me walk on the happy road of life.


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