I not only made it through College, but I finished off with flying colors!! All thanks to my Heavenly Father, my loving Family and my awesome Friends! The experience and the influences I’m left with are indescribable.


The Class of 2013

Looking back at what 3 years can do to you, all I’m left with to say is; It passes by so fast! It feels like it all started yesterday when I walked in a classroom, wide eyes and mouth open with an aw thinking that this is where I’ll be spending 3 years of my life, this are the people that I’ll be spending those 3 years with. Everything and everyone was new to me. I didn’t know anyone, and as I sat down, I felt powerless, and I started questioning how the heck was I going to make it; 3 years.


Thanks for being motivators throughout!

Now, I’m sitting here, a little sad because I just finished my very best 3 years! I have come a long way, gained great experiences that I’ll forever cherish and carry on to my life. I have found precious friends that I know will last forever (if not longer). I have come to think a new. I have been tremendously blessed with so much including including a job a job that I love. I have traveled to new parts of the world and learned a new language. And I have learned to love life the hard way! Honestly, what I have achieved these past 3 years in college, have been a BLAST!


Graduate Diploma


Graduation day!

I’m now rusted and ready to take on new adventures that awaits! I kind of have a clue to what they are, but time will tell where Heavenly Father sends me next!

Barby  (^.^)


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